Motivational Quotes

This is a special collection of great motivational quotes. All of the motivational quotes in this collection are designed to help you grab opportunities and seize the day.

Motivational Quotes
The Secret of Getting Things Done The secret of getting things done is to act! -- Dante Alighieri

Today Will Never Come Again Living life tomorrow's fate, though thou be wise, Thou canst not tell nor yet surmise; Pass, therefore, not today in vain, For it will never come again. -- Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) Persian writer, mathematician
The Impossible The future has several names. For the weak, it is the impossible. For the fainthearted, it is the unknown. For the thoughtful and valiant, it is the ideal. -- Victor Hugo
Act as if you are happy and you will be happy. Act as if you were already happy, and that will tend to make you happy. -- Dale Carnegie
Adversity Adversity is another way to measure the greatness of individuals. I never had a crisis that didn't make me stronger. -- Lou Holtz, football coach
The only way to conquer fear The only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet. -- Nadia Comaneci, Gymnast
What is success Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. -- Bobby Unser, race car driver
You can do it What it comes down to is that anybody can win with the best horse. What makes you good is if you can take the second- or third-best horse and win. -- Vicky Aragon
Slightly crazy is normal Part of being sane, is being a little bit crazy. -- Janet Long